2018 has been amazing and a true blessing.  The longer I photograph weddings the more I realise it’s not the athletics that makes the day it’s the people.

You guys.

When I scroll back through the thousands of images I’ve edited and delivered. Its not the instagram friendly or perfectly angled photos that stand out to me, it’s the images that are packed full of life and memories for my clients.  Real moments that when I’m looking back make me smile and make my heart feel heavy with happiness. No matter how small the moment or gesture I love noticing it, there is so much beauty to be seen in the everyday details of life.

All of the weddings, couples and families I have photographed this year have been so lovely and welcomed me as a friend to document their events, which I’m eternally thankful for.  Imagining my photos being looked at 50 years down the line and further makes me feel so happy and emotional.  It’s an absolutely amazing feeling to be able to capture special connections in my creative view.  Looking at the images below I like to imagine how my clients felt at that exact moment and hope they can revisit the feels as I do.

The are so many special moments throughout your days.  Don’t forget to notice and cherish them, give your loved ones a squeeze right now!

A million thank yous to all my clients from last season and the last few years for making my photography journey such a brilliant one.